Gulf Craft's Attendance at Thailand Boat Show Underlines Commitment to Bolster Presence in Asia

By Gulf Craft on 14 February 2024

Dubai, UAE; 19 January 2024: Gulf Craft's strategic presence at the Thailand International Boat Show not only led to positive meetings with regional stakeholders and industry leaders in the region but also underscored the shipyard's plan to solidify its foothold in Asia and Australia. This move is rooted in the rich history of Gulf Craft supporting the marine industry in the region.

In alignment with this overarching strategy, Gulf Craft has taken a significant step by signing a dealership contract with Yacht Sourcing for the Indonesian market. The agreement, formalised on January 11th during the Thailand International Boat Show 2024, designates Yacht Sourcing as the exclusive distributor of Gulf Craft's Nomad and Majesty yachts within Indonesia.

3. Signing New Dealer Yacht Sourcing

This collaboration with Yacht Sourcing is not only a strategic move to facilitate the business of yachts and superyachts from Gulf Craft to the Indonesian market, but it also complements the broader goal of strengthening Gulf Craft's presence in Asia and Australia.

Lee Oldroyd, Chief Commercial Officer for Gulf Craft, highlighted the significance of this collaboration, stating, "As Gulf Craft proudly reveals its collaboration with Yacht Sourcing in Indonesia, we express our commitment to solidifying our presence in the vibrant yachting markets of Asia and Southeast Asia. This aligns with our broader strategy, reinforced by our history of supporting the marine industry in this region."

1. Oryx 379 Profile at night

6. Oryx 379 in show

4. Gulf Craft with Go Boating

2. Oryx 379 at night

Boum Senous, CEO of Yacht Sourcing, acknowledges their own ambitions for the yacht brands, stating, "Securing the exclusive dealership for Gulf Craft's Nomad and Majesty superyachts reflects our commitment to delivering unparalleled luxury experiences on the open seas."

5. Gulf Craft with Yacht Sourcing

Simultaneously, Gulf Craft's strategic presence in Asia and Australia is supported by the development of new facilities in Gulf Craft Maldives, set to launch this year. This holistic approach aims to further contribute to the evolving global yachting landscape by providing excellence and innovation.