• Silvercraft 31 HT by Gulf Craft, UAE

Silvercraft 31 HT

With rigorous research, and the incorporation of valuable customer feedback, the beloved Silvercraft 31 HT has been revamped to further enhance the overall customer experience, inspired by the region’s passion for family days out on the sea and fishing trips. Specifically designed with regional fishing hobbyists and family boating in mind, our engineers and architects critically evaluated every corner and feature of the Silvercraft 31 HT to determine how we can make better use of the boat’s surface space. In the process, other fine details were added which has resulted in a beautifully transformed, and exceptionally practical craft, with the potential to offer customers even more enjoyable trips.

Technical Specifications

Length overall
30 ft 9 in (9.40 m)
9 ft 10 in (3.00 m)
1 ft 7 in (0.50 m)
3 t approx.
Fuel tank capacity
Water tank capacity
Maximum recommended hp
Safety regulations
200 US gal (760 l)
40 US gal (150 l)
600 hp
US Coast Guard Standards

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