Gulf Craft Feb 1, 2017 9:17:02 AM 3 min read

Clipping: Gulf Craft featured in Barche magazine

Italy's famous yachting magazine, Barche, features top superyacht builder from the Emirates, Gulf Craft, in the article 'Megayachts dal deserto' (Megayachts from the desert).


Here's a clipping from the article:

 We met with Mohammed Hussein AlShaali, Chairman of Gulf Craft and Erwin Bamps, Chief Executive Officer. These are the men who have worked to drive their company to global success.

Q. Which are the milestones in Gulf Craft's growth?

In 1991, when we went from fishing boat manufacturers to becoming Yacht manufacturers. Then, in 2000, when we started making superyachts. Obviously, these two moments of transition had a huge impact on the yard, triggering the need for larger structures to create new models. We started with 118 foot vessels and now we have reached 155.

Q. How many people work in your company?
We started with 100 employees and now we have 1600. During this entire period, I think we employed about 3000 people in total, creating a 100/150 million dollar business.

Q. Tell us about the satisfaction of creating such an important company.
I am especially proud of creating it in a nonindustrial country, in the desert of the UAE, and giving it visibility across the world. Ours is a success story also because, in 2008, during the economic crisis, we were able to return the deposits of those customers who were no longer able to confirm their orders. We are a financially solid company and we have never needed to rely on banks, investors or financing. Our customers can trust us.

Q. Yours business is also very important to your country.
Sure. We have created a business model. We have demonstrated that it is possible to create an industry in a non-industrial country.

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