Since the company’s inception in 1982, Gulf Craft has grown to become one of the top seven shipyards in the world. From being a builder of small fishing boats in modest premises, a genuine passion for the sea led Gulf Craft to establish its credentials as a leader of innovation and technology in the yachting industry.

With five brands in the product portfolio, ranging from 31 to 175 feet, Gulf Craft manufacturers yachts and boats that appeal to a wide audience such as touring passenger's vessels, Silvercraft family day boats, Oryx Sport Cruisers, Nomad Explorer Yachts, and the flagship Majesty Yachts. Utilizing advanced technology, powerful engineering, timeless design, and world-class craftsmanship, Gulf Craft is today recognized as one of the world’s premier yacht manufacturers.




Our aim is to regularly increase sustainability and efficiency by looking for opportunities to apply advanced technologies. Continued process improvement and training are vital to ensure that our clients receive the best products and the highest level of service.



Gulf Craft’s vision is to be at the forefront of luxury yacht and pleasure boat manufacturing with a reputation for practicality, quality, and value.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Gulf Craft is fully dedicated to understanding and meeting the expectations of our clientele through continuous improvement and a process-based approach related to the marine industry. We value our clients and endeavor to provide them with consistent quality in every aspect of their experience with us.


An inspirational businessman with an illustrious career as a UAE diplomat, Mohammed Alshaali has devoted his time and energy to managing his luxury yacht and boat manufacturing business.

Working in what was still a budding maritime environment, Alshaali drew upon his enthusiasm for leisure boating and extensive work experience to face the challenges in the market.

In an attempt to fulfill the demands and aspirations of seafarers in the region, and in tribute to his passion, Alshaali decided to bring the leisure boating experience to the region with the establishment of Gulf Craft. In just a few years, Gulf Craft stood among the top 10 yacht manufacturers in the world, specializing in the production of superyachts.




    With a modest 218,000 square foot facility in Ajman, UAE, Gulf Craft initially produced 14-foot runabouts for the local market. Sport Fishing 24 was Gulf Craft’s first fishing boat.

    1985 - Gulf Craft introduced two of its legendary boats- Hamoor 30 and Ambassador 24.

    Yacht servicing and refit


    1989 - Gulf Craft introduced another model of its famous 31 feet series and called it the Dolphin 31.

    Gulf Craft Dolphin 31 Fishing Boat

    1992 - The Adora 53, the first complex yacht to be built by Gulf Craft was launched. This craft remained as one of the most desirable and popular yacht models in the Middle East for years to come.

    Best Dubai Boat Show

    1996 - Majesty 86 launched.

    First Majesty 86 being moved from production to the launching bay

    Majesty 86 for sale

    2000 - The 100,000 square foot facility producing top-quality yachts, pleasure boats, and rapid transport vessels was launched in the Maldives.

    Gulf Craft Luxury Yachts & Boats in Maldives


  • 2001 - THE EXPANSION

    Gulf Craft’s largest manufacturing facility opened in Umm Al Quwain in the Middle East, complete with a 150-ton travel lift and launching bay. Millenium 118, Gulf Craft’s first superyacht over 30m, was launched.

    Yacht Maintenance Dubai

    Gulf Craft Millennium 118 Luxury Yachts

    2002 - Gulf Craft makes an impact as the top exhibitor at the first-ever Dubai International Boat Show.


    2003 - Gulf Craft launched the brand and product range Majesty Yachts in an ambitious drive to develop the region’s first full line-up of luxury yachts.

    Majesty Super Yachts Show

    2006 - Gulf Craft introduced the Oryx product line to fill an existing gap between large yachts and small pleasure craft. Specializing in sports yachts and open cruisers, Gulf Craft’s Oryx brand gained recognition among a younger target market.


  • 2008 - OUR HERITAGE

    Gulf Craft pays homage to its racing heritage and historic catamaran production with the launch of the new Silvercraft range. Born from 27 years of boat building experience, the Silvercraft range was established to represent Gulf Craft’s wide and diverse range of smaller family and fishing boats.

    2011 - Gulf Craft launched the Gulf 95 Exp at the Dubai International Boat Show – presented a new approach to explorer yacht design that maximizes onboard living space and comfort.

    Gulf 95 EXP Supeyachts

    2012Gulf Craft launched its largest superyacht ever built – the Majesty 135 – further solidifying the company’s position as a major player in the prestigious global superyacht market.

    Majesty 135 Yacht Price


    Gulf Craft has clinched a top 10 ranking among the world superyacht-building shipyards, according to the Boat International Global Order book report. Majesty 105 was announced as a finalist of The World Superyacht Awards 2014.

    Majesty 105 Superyacht certified pre owned by gulf craft

    2015 - Gulf Craft launched the flagship Majesty 155, showing customer confidence in the yard’s products. Catering to an ever-growing demand for long-range, fuel-efficient yachts, Gulf Craft also introduced the Nomad Yachts brand.

    Majesty 155 Meghayacht to be on display in Cannes and Monaco Yacht Show


    Nomad Yachts

    Nomad Luxury Yachts Boat Show

    2016 - During a private event at the Singapore Yacht Show, Gulf Craft received the 2016 ‘Best Asian Motor Yacht Builder’ award, underlining the Emirates-based manufacturer’s global recognition for its commitment to quality and innovation.

    Asian Boating Awards Winner - Gulf CraftGulf Craft was recognized for its unique ability to deliver both quality and value to its clientele by one of the most coveted recognitions in the international superyacht manufacturing industry, the World Superyacht Awards. The Majesty 122 (M/Y Nashwan) competed against 66 internationally produced superyachts & won the ‘Quality and Value Award’.

    Superyachts Award 2016


    2017 - Dubai International Boat Show 2017 marked a great milestone for Gulf Craft as the company celebrated its 35 year anniversary. Gulf Craft launched numerous models at the show including the Majesty 100, the first-of-a-kind Silvercraft 48 B, and the Silvercraft 36 HT Cabin.


    Gulf Craft Dubai Boat Show And Events

    Named ‘Best Asian Built Yacht’ at the 2017 edition of the Asia Boating Awards, the Majesty 155 is Gulf Craft’s flagship superyacht and the largest semi-production superyacht built in the Emirates. The model was recognized for its ability to combine unparalleled seagoing performance with timeless luxury.

    2018 - Gulf Craft ranked 7th place in the global ranking of international shipyards published by The Superyacht Group.

    In January 2018, Gulf Craft’s Majesty 100 won ‘Best Asian-Built Motor yacht over 30m’ at the 2018 Christofle Yacht Style Awards held in Thailand.

    In March 2018, Gulf Craft launched the Majesty 140, Majesty 62, Touring 48 at the Dubai International Boat Show

    HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum visits the Gulfcraftinc

    In Sept 2018, Gulf Craft’s Majesty 140 won the “Best Yacht Layout” award at the World Yacht Trophies held in Cannes, France.

    Luxury Yachts in UAE

  • 2019

    Majesty 140 designed in collaboration with the Christiano Gatto Design wins "Best Interior Design" & “Best Yacht Layout” (World Yachts Trophies), “Best In Show” (FLIBS 2019). Majesty 62 won the “Best Asia-Built Motor Yacht (15- 24m)” award at the Christofle Yacht Style Awards.

    GUlf Craft at Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show 2019 Day 3-4 (11)

    In March 2019, Gulf Craft launched the Next Generation of Oryx Sport Cruisers, the new Oryx 379 designed by the upcoming Emirati designer, Hussein M. AlShaali.

    Gulf Craft Oryx Sports 379

    Gulf Craft launched three brand new Nomad Yachts called the SUV (Sports Utility Vessel) Collection (95 SUV, 75 SUV, and 65 SUV) all featuring semi-displacement hybrid hulls designed to withstand any sea condition and are able to travel long distances at DIBS 2019.

    Nomad SUV Yachts models Fleet

    Majesty Yachts entered the U.S. market for the first time with the debut of the Majesty 140 & Majesty 100 at the FLIBS 2019 as part of the global expansion strategy.

    2021 Amidst the global pandemic, Gulf Craft continued its operations, launched the Majesty 120, and delivered two Majesty 100.

    Launched the Majesty 175 “World’s Largest production composite Yacht”.

    Gulf Craft Yachts And Boats Events - Majesty 175 launch in Dubai


    2022 - Gulf Craft celebrates 40 years as one of the world’s leading fully integrated boat and yacht manufacturers.

    Beginning the year with the opening of the Gulf Craft Experience Centre, located in the historical Mina Rashid in Dubai. Close to all major transportation links, the Experience Centre elevates the Gulf Craft experience further by enabling another touchpoint for our clients.


    Gulf Craft launches its Official Mobile App designed to further support our dealership networking operating in more than 35 countries around the world.

    Gulf Craft Mobile App_-1

    Gulf Craft launched & delivered one of the latest additions to its superyacht collection, the spectacular tri-deck masterpiece - Majesty 120

    Majesty 120 - Majesty 120 - Profile (7)

    Gulf Craft Maldives proudly celebrates the 20 years of boat building in the republic and applauds the support of the government and Maldivian community in making it a story of success. 



    Gulf Craft continues its 40th-anniversary celebrations at the Dubai International Boat Show with the world debut of its Nomad 70, Silvercat 40cc, and launched a brand-new superyacht; the Majesty 111.

    CAM 05 copy 2

    Majesty 111

    Nomad 70 SUV - Profile (11)

    Nomad 70 SUV

    SC 40 CC Profile (7)

    SilverCat 40 CCC

  • 2023

    Gulf Craft unveils a spectacular showcase featuring the Majesty 111 and Nomad 101 at the Dubai International Boat Show 2023. These vessels symbolize Gulf Craft's visionary future, embodying the strategic theme 'Legacy in Motion' with a focus on Technology & Innovation, Path to Sustainability, Global Expansion, and Next Generation.

    Gulf Craft unveils a spectacular showcase featuring the Majesty 111 and Nomad 101 at the Dubai International Boat Show 2023. These vessels symbolize Gulf Craft's visionary future, embodying the strategic theme 'Legacy in Motion' with a focus on Technology & Innovation, Path to Sustainability, Global Expansion, and Next Generation.

    Grand Debut of Majesty 111 in Global Arenas - 2023 Timeline

    Majesty 111 dazzles at the Dubai International Boat Show, followed by impressive appearances at the Monaco Yacht Show and FLIBS in the US.
    The superyachts garner praise by securing the prestigious "Best Interior Design" award at the World Yachts Trophies 2023.

    Majesty 120 Triumphs at Prestigious Awards - 2023 Timeline

    In 2023, Majesty 120 achieves triumph in three noteworthy categories: 'Motor Yacht 25-40 Metres' at The International Yacht & Aviation Awards, and the 'Eco Award' and 'Best Naval Architecture, Semi Displacement or Planing Motor Yachts' at the BOAT International Design and Innovation Awards.

    Nomad 101 Takes the World Stage- 2023 Timeline

    Nomad 101 makes a striking debut at the Dubai International Boat Show, later captivating audiences in Australia at the Sydney International Boat Show.

    Unveiled at Dubai International Boat Show - 2023 Timeline

    Gulf Craft announces a groundbreaking move towards sustainable luxury yachting. In collaboration with H2-Enterprises, Gulf Craft explores the development of a zero-emissions Majesty yacht, potentially powered by an innovative LOHC (Liquid Organic, Hydrogen Carrier) energy system, marking a significant stride in redefining the future of superyachts.

    Redefining Luxury Transfer in Maldives - 2023 Timeline

    Gulf Craft sets a new standard in luxury guest transfers with the Touring 48’ VIP, marking a groundbreaking era in the Maldives. This ultra-luxury vessel combines opulence and efficiency, redefining first-class experiences on the water.