In Photos: Silvercraft 48 HT

Launched during the 2017 Dubai International Boat Show the Silvercraft 48 HT is the largest model in the Silvercraft brand of Gulf Craft.  It is an ideal choice for fishing and water sports activities.

With a 3.90 m wide beam and 14.50 m overall length, sport fishing enthusiasts will truly enjoy the trip because of the massive deck space and a large storage area for rods, gaffs and tackle. Designed with a stepped hull and panoramic windows, the vessel allows for a high-performance ride while enjoying a wonderful view of the surroundings. It can have a maximum engine configuration of 4 outboard engines.

Silvercraft 48 HT profile.jpg

  • Silvercraft 48 HT profile 2.jpg
  • Silvercraft 48 HT profile 3.jpg
  • Silvercraft 48 HT interior.jpg
  • Silvercraft 48 HT galley.jpg
  • Silvercraft 48 HT head.jpg
  • Silvercraft 48 HT Aft seating.jpg

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