“There Is A Light At The End Of The Tunnel” - Mohammed Al Shaali

“There is a light at the end of the tunnel,” says Mohammed H. Al Shaali, the Chairman of Gulf Craft, referring to the current situation and challenges amid the global pandemic. In an interview with online media platform Awalan by Iktisad wal A’amal, Gulf Craft’s chairman talks about how the company leveraged the opportunities and challenges of this pandemic.  

It is very well known that COVID-19 has been actively affecting the world’s economy. But, despite the struggles that the company expected to face, we strongly believe the “leisure” part of people’s life is one of the most beneficial aspects of individual mental health.

Inquiries on new luxury yachts & boats have picked up at a good pace. Individuals are looking for more isolation to enjoy the common luxuries without having to worry about their loved ones. Buying a luxury yacht has become more of an investment and serves as a perfect getaway.

We have developed new strategies & mindsets as the customer base has rapidly changed compared to a few years ago. The workplace environment has changed alongside the client’s perspectives which itself is a much-needed refresh and brought in revolutionary ideas to the yachting industry. Now, the connection of companies with their customers must be even stronger to ensure their satisfaction. With the constant desire to develop and grow, Gulf Craft is now shining its spotlight on the well-being of the environment by developing innovative and sustainable products beneficial for both, the user and the surroundings. 

The revival is an ongoing process dependent upon the market. We, at Gulf Craft, are always mindful of the situations and are carefully implementing procedures and taking necessary precautions for the safety and security of our employees, labor teams, and clients.

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