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Signé Magazine features Mohammed Alshaali, Chairman of Gulf Craft

"From small boats to yachts and superyachts, Mohammed Hussein Alshaali is the man behind the visionary achievement that is Gulf Craft. Spearheading the impeccable creativity, extensive knowledge and innovative thinking that Gulf Craft has demonstrated across three decades, he unveils how he managed to ride the wave of success amidst the currents of change."

Signé Magazine interviewed Mohammed Alshaali, Owner and Chairman of Gulf Craft about his journey into the marine industry. Below is an excerpt from the article from their October 2015 issue entitled "Smooth Sailing".

Mohammed Hussein Alshaali, Chairman of Gulf Craft Mohammed Hussein Alshaali, Owner & Chairman of Gulf Craft

When Mohammed Hussein Alshaali - a renowned name in the marine industry - reflects on his past, be finds it hard to ascertain the original starting point of Gulf Craft in terms of the ideology and inspiration behind it. Launched as a small scale establishment in 1982, the UAE-based yacht and boat manufacturer saw an era of development into a full -fledged large-scale business.

At the time, when other fields had better prospects for career establishment, Alshaali took the plunge into the marine industry. The decision wasn't a coincidence, but bis passion for sailing that he inherited from his father, prompted the move. He recalls that during his childhood, he would gaze at the sea for hours on end and yearn to travel across it someday. The anticipated reality was, however, just a fragment in comparison to the dynamic venture existing today. "Since its establishment, we had an eye on the international market and planned on building a luxury yacht according to global standards, says Alshaali, who has launched some of the finest cruisers the world has ever seen.

In an economy where the marine industry was not the focal point of development, Alshaali explains how difficult and challenging it was to build a yacht that could not only meet the existing demand, but also carry impressions of fine craftsmanship. During the 1980s, there were no yacht manufacturers around and people in the region had no experience with building luxury yachts. As technology was still developing in the Middle East, industry professionals had to be outsourced from the West to train the regional employees. In addition, many of the raw materials required for yacht building were unavailable, while the ones available lacked in quality. "We were able to overcome all the difficulties little by little because of our long-term strategy. We planned far but
ensured our short-term failures don't hinder our goals," says Alshaali.

Gulf Craft is known not only for producing yachts, but distinguished yachts. Each conveys a different concept. According to the master maker, yachts are only as unique as your investment in them. The company's yachts are unique in terms of their bespoke interiors and timeless exteriors, as well as usage of advanced technology and equipment. Another strikingly important aspect is that Gulf Craft builds one yacht at a time and does not believe in mass production. Hence, with each yacht being semi-customized to the needs of a client, the brand gets more room for development in all respects by each production.

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