What is A Nomad?

The yachting industry continues to evolve in many different ways. One of them being, a surge of yachting enthusiasts’ desire for long cruises through uncharted territory and to explore new cruising grounds. To cater to this trend, Gulf Craft’s Nomad range of yachts combines practicality and performance for the growing number of “Adventure Seeking” clients. Nomad, the word itself perfectly describes the genre of this brand aimed at those with exploration and adventure at heart.


The vision behind the development of the range is to build it with seaworthiness, stability and ruggedness, in mind.


To achieve this, the most critical element of the design is the choice of the hull which is designed by the British designer Andrew Wolstenholme. Use of a hybrid hull design gives an outstanding ride in rough conditions and an ability to cruise for longer periods at a comfortable 15-20 knots with 30 knots maximum speed if required.

Nomad 75S Profile (2) edited copy copy

Nomad 75 SUV


Nomad 95 SUV

The hull design requires less power to obtain the optimum speed due to its ability to operate at ‘displacement’ or ‘hull speed’ which translates to better fuel economy. Exceptional fuel carrying capacity is optimized for long range cruises.

Gulf Craft Chairman, Mohammed Alshaali and our in-house design team at Gulf Craft took the challenge of styling the superstructure, creating more upscale interior layout and comfortable living accommodations.

Dining Area (2)


Gulf Craft has incorporated the latest construction materials such as Carbon Fibre and Kevlar in the deck and flybridge to increase the stiffness, reduce weight and to enhance the stability of the yacht. We have modernized the layout and interiors with sophisticated cabinetry, furniture and advanced electronics.

Wheelhouse Cabin (2)


Owners can choose between multiple cabin options and again, all the yachts in the range are set up differently. Four cabins, three cabins, two VIPs and a single guest cabin, the list of options is long but practical.

For example, the 95 SUV has a traditional main salon layout comprising of a lounge with sofas and table aft, with a dining table forward, served by the galley located behind the bulkhead to port.

Cockpit Seating Area


It’s a traditional look that you would expect on a superyacht. However, step through the 75’s cockpit doors and you’re greeted with a lounge, but no dining area. Here, a huge galley has been extended aft allowing an open foyer with the staircase leading up to the upper deck to starboard.



Sky Lounge


The look changes again on the 65, as there is a lounge to port with the dining area to starboard.


In recent times, some of the vessels from the Nomad range have proven their mettle by performing exceptionally during the long distance voyages in the Gulf regions, Mediterranean, Turkey, Australia, Malaysia and Indonesia.

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With a reduced beam and draft, the Nomad yachts owners can have access to the shallow waters of the Caribbean and the Bahamas and can enter any tight marinas or shallow lagoons!


A yacht built to this style is meant to tackle every season and sea conditions. Rugged and sturdy, this range of yachts is perfect for a family of explorers looking for their next adventure.