UPDATE: Gulf Craft Continues Work with New Normal

UAE June 15, 2020: As Gulf Craft gradually adapts to the new normal, the Emirates pioneer builder of luxury yachts and leisure boats is looking at advancing its operations and management while adopting new technology that fits its new strategy amid this pandemic. Gulf Craft’s operations have not stopped and continues its activities at a 30% capacity.

With its 1,300 staff working in 3 different facilities in both the United Arab Emirates and the Maldives, very strict safety rules are being followed. Gulf Craft was proactive in taking precautionary health and safety measures in its facilities on all its staff and visitors from early March. Gulf Craft continued these proactive health measures in addition to the new measures that were set by the government later that month. The shipyard also had many of its staff PCR tested and health checked to avoid any internal disruption. Gulf Craft has also introduced a “flexible plan” for its staff. This sees employees dealing with overseas suppliers working in the afternoon while employees dealing with local partners work in the morning. Spreading employees’ desks throughout the showroom and shipyard to maintain physical distancing, continuous temperature checks as well as wearing PPE at all times are some of the measures in place. The shipyard started welcoming back suppliers inside its facilities who comply with company measures.

The shipyard is currently working to complete multiple customer projects such as the Majesty 100, Nomad 95 SUV, Oryx 379 and other models. Additionally, it is in negotiations with multiple clients for new projects such as the Majesty 120, Majesty 140 and Majesty 175 which are nearing launch.

Gulf Craft Shipyard

Majesty 120 Completig Sea Trials

Majesty 120

2 Next Generation Oryx 379 Ready for Delivery

Oryx 379s

Given the current situation, it is Gulf Craft’s responsibility towards all its clients, partners, and suppliers to update them on the shipyard’s standing. The company is currently undergoing a complete reshuffle in its work methods, placing new vision and direction focused on improved products and operational strategy that will fit the new era. The world after COVID-19 will not look the same as before the pandemic and the shipyard is adamant on addressing its strategy for future markets. Gulf Craft has built an international brand through four decades of yacht and boat building and this shuffle is aimed to ensure its sustainability.

The shipyard is deploying all its efforts into advancing its operations, redeveloping its products and analyzing its corporate strategy. These objectives will help the company sustain its activities and create new methods to improve efficiency. Unquestionably, this pandemic has affected the company’s work and has imposed new measures that should be adhered. In order to ensure growth through information technology, Gulf Craft integrated and merged many roles and departments together, reduced its cost and decreased its workforce.

Commenting on this corporate update, Chairman Mohammed Hussein Alshaali said: “Today, more than ever, we value the trust our clients continue to place in us. We also want to insure them that, although this pandemic has a lot of implications, it made us realize the necessity of restructuring our business module on both operational and commercial levels. We want to build a “New Gulf Craft” with a forward-thinking mentality that can challenge these times. Yachting has proven to be one of the safest and most comforting option today.

Chairman Mohammed Hussein Alshaali

Alshaali added: “We are optimistic about the future and we look forward to overcoming these challenging times. We have been through many crises in our four decades of operation and given our experience, we will be ready for the new era.” 

As Gulf Craft continues its reshuffling program, it reassures its partners that they are an integral part of its activities and that their relationships in the future will be part of the shipyard’s strategy. They complete the elements that has placed Gulf Craft as a key player on the international market.

Alshaali concluded saying: “We know there are challenges that lie ahead, and we know that times have distanced us but we are working firmly to ensure we continue to contribute to this industry and present our products internationally.”


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