Gulf Craft Nov 8, 2018 5:33:15 PM 3 min read

Discover the next generation of Oryx

Abu Dhabi, UAE- Gulf Craft enjoyed the limelight at the first edition of the Abu Dhabi International Boat Show and showcased a fleet of 9 yachts and boats which included the biggest superyacht on display at the show- the Majesty 135.

At the event, Gulf Craft has also shown a concept model of the next generation of its Oryx sport cruisers to a select number of guests and dealers who flew from around the world to see the new concept first-hand. During the show, visitors have expressed their interest in the new breed of Oryx and were excited to know more about the innovative design evolution of the brand. A mock-up of the new Oryx model was shown to key dealers and clients.

Gulf Craft at Abu Dhabi Boat Show 2018 Day 3 (46)-1

The Oryx sport cruiser brand of Gulf Craft will be witnessing a new era of design language to be premiered during the first quarter of 2019. The Oryx fleet was styled as a sea-borne equivalent of elite sport cars which targeted the younger market of boating enthusiasts.

Hussein Alshaali, Research and Development Manager for Gulf Craft, was responsible for the design innovations and sleek styling of the new model.  Alshaali has pushed the boundaries of modern boat design with his advanced approach to the concept.  The cutting-edge styling of the new Oryx sport cruiser model will elevate the Oryx brand and launch her in to the next generation.