Jun 25, 2024 3:55:40 PM

Gulf Craft Group Celebrates Women in Engineering: Driving Innovation in Yachting

This International Women in Engineering Day, Gulf Craft Group is proud to shine a light on the exceptional women shaping the future of luxury yacht and boat manufacturing. Their dedication, expertise, and passion are the driving force behind our commitment to delivering unparalleled marine experiences.

Celebrating Women Who Make a Difference

International Women in Engineering Day is a global celebration recognizing the achievements of women engineers and encouraging more to join the field. Here at Gulf Craft Group, we wholeheartedly embrace this spirit. We actively support our women innovators and celebrate those making significant strides towards a more diverse and gender-equal industry.



Meet Our Women Engineers

Let's meet a few of the talented women at Gulf Craft Group who are leading the way:


Zeinab Kamel, Lead Interior Design Engineer: For three years, Zeinab has been the creative mastermind behind some of Gulf Craft's most stunning yacht interiors. She seamlessly blends aesthetics with functionality, ensuring each yacht is a haven of comfort and design excellence.

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"My role is about transforming client visions into reality," Zeinab explains. "I collaborate with a talented team and other departments to deliver the highest quality standards. From the Majesty 111 to the Nomad 101, innovative materials and custom furniture have brought client dreams to life. At Gulf Craft Group, we prioritize cutting-edge technology and sustainable practices to push design boundaries and elevate our clients' experiences."


Alisha Jamaludheen, Junior Structural Engineer: Alisha is a rising star in the field of structural engineering at Gulf Craft Group. Her passion for the field and innovation fuels her success in this dynamic environment.


"I'm driven by engineering and creating new solutions," Alisha shares. "Gulf Craft Group provides exceptional opportunities to learn and grow, which I highly value. The company's focus on fostering innovation allows me to contribute fresh ideas and advance yacht manufacturing technology. Additionally, working on a diverse range of boats broadens my skillset and keeps my work exciting. But what truly sets Gulf Craft Group apart is its supportive leadership. The senior engineers are not just highly skilled but also incredibly encouraging, creating a collaborative and nurturing work environment. This support is vital to my professional development and makes my time at Gulf Craft Group both rewarding and enjoyable."


Aisha Alali, Electrical Engineer: As an electrical engineer, Aisha plays a critical role in integrating and maintaining advanced technologies on Gulf Craft's luxury yachts. Her work ensures the seamless operation of sophisticated electrical systems, guaranteeing both safety and luxury for our clients.


"I work with cutting-edge electrical systems on some of the most luxurious yachts in the world," Aisha explains. "This role offers a unique blend of technical challenges and opportunities for innovation. I'm responsible for the design, installation, and maintenance of electrical systems, including power distribution, automation, and navigation. Working at Gulf Craft Group allows me to tackle diverse challenges, from troubleshooting electrical issues to implementing the latest technological advancements. The dynamic environment and supportive leadership have been instrumental in my professional growth, allowing me to hone my skills and contribute to the company's vision of excellence."


Neren Joy Navarro – Interior Architect: Reflecting on my past two years with Gulf Craft, I am proud to share the journey and accomplishments that have shaped my role as an Interior Architect. Yachts have limited space, requiring creative thinking to maximize the utility of every inch without compromising on comfort and style. By employing space-saving techniques and multifunctional furniture, I effectively addressed this challenge.

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"Mastering 3D design software (SolidWorks) was challenging but essential for creating realistic and accurate models," Neren Joy Navarro explains. "I invested time in advanced training and practice, allowing me to produce high-quality and detailed 3D models. These experiences have not only honed my skills as an Interior Architect but also deepened my appreciation for the art and science of yacht design. I am excited to continue contributing to Gulf Craft's legacy of excellence and innovation in the years to come."


Miriam Villacortes – Mechanical Engineer: Miriam Villacortes thrives on transforming creative ideas into tangible, high-quality results. At Gulf Craft, she dives deep into developing detailed 3D models and 2D drawings, collaborating closely with the team to ensure the yachts meet the highest standards.
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"I thrive on transforming creative ideas into tangible, high-quality results," Miriam shares. "At Gulf Craft, I dive deep into developing detailed 3D models and 2D drawings, collaborating closely with the team to ensure our yachts meet the highest standards. Mentoring colleagues and guiding them through the transition from 2D to 3D design is particularly rewarding for me. My role blends creativity with technical expertise, perfectly aligning with Gulf Craft's spirit of excellence and innovation. And, I must say, telling people I'm part of a proficient and accomplished team designing and engineering high-end luxurious yachts always sparks interesting conversations."


Lilit Hovakimyan – Interior Designer Engineer: It has been two years since I started my journey as an Interior Designer at Gulf Craft. During this time, I have had the pleasure of creating luxurious and functional yacht interiors through sketching, 3D modeling, and rendering, working alongside a talented team to bring our clients' visions to life. We utilize innovative materials and the latest technology to ensure we follow the trends.
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"One of my favorite projects was transforming the Majesty 60 into a beautiful, modern, and practical living space," Lilit Hovakimyan shares. "This project is a testament to our commitment to pushing the boundaries of design. My goal remains steadfast: to continue delivering outstanding results and redefining luxury in yacht interiors. Here's to many more years of design innovation and excellence at Gulf Craft!"

We are committed to supporting women in engineering and creating an inclusive environment where they can thrive. Join us in celebrating International Women in Engineering Day and inspiring the next generation of female innovators!