Gulf Craft Jan 20, 2013 2:24:36 PM 2 min read

Kohler visit to Majesty Yachts Shipyard

On January 16, 2013, Mr. David Kohler, Chairman and President of Kohler, and Mr. Buti Saeed Mohammed Al Ghandi, Managing Director of Saeed Mohammed Al Ghandi & Sons, paid a visit to Gulf Craft's Majesty Yachts shipyard in the United Arab Emirates, where they were welcomed by Erwin Bamps, Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Mostafa Agib, Operations Technical Manager, and Tom Jose, Purchase Manager for Majesty Yachts.

Kohler and Gulf Craft have a growing successful partnership in providing reliable and high-tech powering solutions to yacht customers.

Kohler is a name synonymous with gracious living for more than 125 years and one of the more recognized names in the marine generator business.

Gulf Craft, having celebrated its 30 year anniversary in 2012, is a long-standing customer of both Al Ghandi & Sons and Kohler, and shares the same ambitions in creating and providing ever improving products in terms of quality, reliability and innovative technology.

You may recognize others in the picture gallery representing Kohler products, including but not limited to, Mr. Sam Joey, Mr. Jerome Michel, Mr. Jos Raats, Mr. Graham Turner and Mr. Bas van Steeg.

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