In Photos: Gulf Craft at the Sydney International Boat Show- Day 2

Guests at the Sydney International Boat Show queue at the Gulf Craft & Australian Superyachts stand waiting to get a chance to view the Majesty 122 (M/Y Ghost II). Here are some of the photos taken at the second day of the show:

  • Gulf-Craft,-Sydney-Boat-Show-2017.jpg
  • Gulf-Craft,-Sydney-Boat-Show-2017-10.jpg
  • Gulf-Craft,-Sydney-Boat-Show-2017-12.jpg
  • Gulf-Craft,-Sydney-Boat-Show-2017-2.jpg
  • Gulf-Craft,-Sydney-Boat-Show-2017-3.jpg
  • Gulf-Craft,-Sydney-Boat-Show-2017-5.jpg
  • Gulf-Craft,-Sydney-Boat-Show-2017-7.jpg
  • Gulf-Craft,-Sydney-Boat-Show-2017-9.jpg