Gulf Craft Nov 11, 2015 4:19:18 PM 10 min read

Qatar Yachting Enthusiasts Marvel at Gulf Craft’s Floating Palace– the Majesty 135

Doha, 10 November 2015 – Qatar’s growing appetite for luxury sea travel met Gulf Craft’s exquisite display of the 41-metre Majesty 135, the largest superyacht on exhibit at the Qatar International Boat Show. The award-winning yacht and boat builder also presented two global premieres of its latest innovations, a first time at the show.

Featuring the largest fleet on display at the show, Gulf Craft’s participation marks its third consecutive year at Qatar’s yachting lifestyle event, which opened today at the Mourjan Marinas in Lusail City and runs until Saturday, 14 November.


Majesty 135 arrives in Lusail Marina Doha, Qatar Majesty 135, biggest yacht in the Gulf Craft fleet at the Qatar International Boat Show


Describing Qatar as being home to one of the most enthusiastic boating communities in the region, Gulf Craft CEO Erwin Bamps highlighted the evolving expectations of the country’s passionate sea travelers.

“With a deeply-rooted history and rich sea-faring heritage, maritime activities, such as fishing and island hopping, have always been an important part of Qatari culture. However, today’s fervent ocean-goers are no longer merely looking for a boating or fishing trip, but a memorable journey,” Bamps said.

“Water leisure is transforming into a lifestyle choice, and Qatari boat enthusiasts are becoming increasingly interested in luxury and on-water living. They are enamored by the fascinating experience of traveling by sea, and so they are continuously looking for ways to enhance that experience through our latest innovations,” Bamps said.


Gulf Craft press conference with Abdulaziz Zeyara (left)- Director Strategic Corporate Planning, Lusail City, Erwin Bamps (middle)-Gulf Craft CEO and Faysal Mikati (right)- Founder & CEO of Snow Comms Gulf Craft press conference with Abdulaziz Zeyara (left)- Director Strategic Corporate Planning, Lusail City, Erwin Bamps (middle)-Gulf Craft CEO and Faysal Mikati (right)- Founder & CEO of Snow Comms


Accounting for a remarkable 40 per cent of the leisure craft market share in Qatar, Bamps expects Gulf Craft’s presence will only grow further, bolstered by the country’s diversified interests in water, an increase in spending power, and continuous waterfront developments, such as Lusail City.

Commenting on the value the Qatar International Boat Show brings to the country’s leisure marine community, Faysal Mikati, Founder and CEO of Snow Comms and conceptualizer of the show, said: “Qatar’s rich marine heritage is evident in the nation’s expanding marine culture and countless industry developments. The unique commitments of international and regional partners like Gulf Craft bring innovative solutions to market while tailoring products to meet the unique needs of Qatari enthusiasts.”


Gulf Craft Press Conference at the Qatar International Boat Show Gulf Craft Press Conference at the Qatar International Boat Show onboard the Majesty 135


“QIBS is committed to showcasing and sourcing leading advancements to keep our global stakeholders returning each and every year. This years' show will host more than 120 brands and 85 boat selections, ensuring that you can discover something unique from over 90 companies. Ultimately, Gulf Craft’s announcement demonstrates the expanding developments in the yachting industry and continued growth for years to come,” Mr. Mikati added.

Visitors to the show marveled at Gulf Craft’s floating palace, the Majesty 135. Characterized by its ability to maximize both space and natural light from the inside and out, the Majesty 135 offers a roomy and bespoke interior that emanates luxury, from the vanity table tops made from premium quality marble to the lustrous silver leaf ceilings in the main saloon and the owner's stateroom.

The novelty features onboard our superyacht are abundant, stretching from the use of state-of-the-art technology and environmentally friendly equipment, to advanced entertainment systems and ample lounging areas.


Oryx 43 Fly arrives in Lusail Marina Doha, Qatar The latest Oryx sport yacht, the Oryx 43 Fly, at the Qatar International Boat Show


Also on display at the show is Gulf Craft’s wide range of yachts, boats, and sport cruisers, designed to meet the diverse needs of the company’s discerning Qatari clientele. The impressive range includes Gulf Craft’s recently launched Nomad Yachts collection, a series of powerfully engineered and comfortable loft-style yachts built for avid explorers of the sea, as well as two global premieres – the Silvercraft 31 HT and the Oryx 43 Fly.

Convenience and practicality lies at the core of the new Silvercraft 31 HT, an upgrade from the previous model that takes advantage of every nook and cranny of this fishing boat and family cruiser. From increased engine capacity, a new and improved console area, and foldable seats to ample storage space, the powerful Silvercraft 31 HT promises owners and passengers a comfortable cruising experience.


Silvercraft 31 HT arrives in Lusail Marina Doha, Qatar The all-new Silvercraft 31 HT on display at the Qatar International Boat Show


Gulf Craft’s participation at the Qatar International Boat Show follows the successful launch of its largest superyacht yet, the Majesty 155, earlier this year. The displacement superyacht, a company first, takes the shipyard’s semi-custom capability to the next level, with cutting-edge technology sprawled across 47 meters of luxurious perfection, both in style and functionality.

All of Gulf Craft’s semi-custom yachts and boats are built in the Emirates-based manufacturer’s state-of-the-art shipyard, cementing the Middle East’s presence as a global player in the leisure marine sector, and its position as a recognized hub for the production of world-class craft.