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Video: Erwin Bamps interview with interviewed Erwin Bamps, CEO of Gulf Craft at their Breaking News Centre during the Monaco Yacht Show.

With the Majesty 135 on display at the 2015 Monaco Yacht Show, Gulf Craft were not only displaying one their most recent launches, but a new phase in the future of the UAE yacht builders advancing mix of innovation and luxury.


Majesty 135, Port Hercules, Monaco (3) Majesty 135 at the Monaco Yacht Show


The presentation of Gulf Craft’s 41m Majesty 135 superyacht in the premier yachting event in the superyacht calendar is just one example of the yacht and boat builder’s persistent determination to meet and exceed the ever-evolving expectations of its discerning customers.

“We believe that making it in this fiercely competitive market ultimately depends on how well you understand your customers, and so as our client needs and requirements evolve, so do we,” said Erwin Bamps, Gulf Craft CEO.


Erwin Bamps,, Monaco Yacht Show 2015 (2) Gulf Craft's CEO Erwin Bamps during his interview with


“Our presence at global yachting events is not only about showcasing our capabilities, but also connecting with existing and prospective customers to complement our next creations. We do not rest on our laurels at Gulf Craft – it’s always about moving forward and developing the next plan to intrigue and impress our passionate customers.”

Gulf Craft’s participation at the Monaco Yacht Show follows the recent launch of its largest superyacht yet, the Majesty 155. The displacement superyacht, a company first, takes the shipyard’s semi-custom capability to the next level, with cutting-edge technology sprawled across 47 meters of luxurious perfection, both in style and functionality.


Majesty 155 (6) Gulf Craft's largest superyacht, Majesty 155


From an ornately designed fountain on the sundeck and cascading waterfalls, to a dedicated beach club and lounges equipped with first-rate entertainment systems, the Majesty 155 shed light on the company’s remarkable ability to produce world-class craft.

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