Gulf Craft Jun 17, 2015 10:23:24 AM 2 min read

Video: Majesty 155 sea trial

Prior to the unveiling of the Majesty 155 last June 6, 2015, Gulf Craft conducted its first Majesty 155 sea trial following its launch in May 2015.

The Majesty 155’s hull design allows for low fuel consumption, long-range capability, and incredible comfort. The 9.60 m beam gives large space inside and allows for an even greater stability. The hull design was tank-tested in Italy, and the actual ship proves to perform above all expectations. She is easy to handle, stable, and quiet, leaving minimum wakes behind. Massimo Gregori of Yankee Delta Studio in Italy was responsible for its naval architecture.

Majesty 155 sea trial

The Majesty 155 boasts exceptional performance aside from its elegant in design. Powered with twin 2,011 hp MTU 12V 4,000 M63 engines which provided excellent fuel efficiency and an ability to cover a range of over 4,200 nm at an approximate maximum speed of 16 knots.

WATCH this full video of the Majesty 155 sea trial: