Gulf Craft Jul 17, 2013 11:23:14 PM 2 min read

VIDEO : Silvercraft 34 or fun Fishing in tropical Waters

The Silvercraft 34 feels as much at ease in tropical waters, as at the most southern cape of the Australian continent  - truly seaworthy, handling any kind of weather, from fast sun-drenched noon time rides to Thailand afternoon downpours.

Taking the family out for snorkeling and beach-combing - the smell of grilled fish in the air - or going out fishing with the boys into open sea - multi-functionality written all over its gleaming fiberglass body.

Sleeping 4, bathroom and galley, luxury workhorse for fun-filled days and reliable ally in bad weather conditions, the Silvercraft 34 is a faithful friend. The kind that lasts a lifetime.

Admire the Silvercraft 34 in the teaser video below or visit to find out more. Do not weep - she could be yours too.