Gulf Craft's Majesty and Nomad Yachts: Finalists at the World Yacht Trophies 2023

Gulf Craft and its prestigious brands, Majesty Yachts and Nomad Yachts, celebrate their latest triumph as three of their cutting-edge models have been shortlisted as finalists for the highly coveted World Yacht Trophies 2023.

The World Yachts Trophies Gala Dinner: Celebrating Excellence

The World Yachts Trophies gala dinner is a highlight in the yachting world, honouring the finest motor boats and yachts ranging from 13 to 140 meters, all launched during the year. This prestigious event bestows recognition upon exceptional vessels that push the boundaries of design and craftsmanship. 



Gulf Craft's Finalists: The Pinnacle of Luxury

Now, let's introduce you to the stars of the evening – the finalists from Gulf Craft's shipyard:

  1. Majesty 111 - Finalist for the "Best Interior Design" Trophy in the Motor Yachts (30-50m) Category.
    Profile (2)

    Owners Stateroom (1)

    Dining Area

    Main Salon (1)

    Upper Deck Lounge (1)

    Upper Deck Lounge (2)

    Twin Guest Cabins

  2. Nomad 101 - Finalist for the "Most Achieved Yacht" Trophy in the Motor Yachts (30-50m) Category.
    nomad 101
    Nomad 101-12-1

    Nomad 101-13-1

    Nomad 101-7-1

    Nomad 101-33-1

    Nomad 101-16-1

    Nomad 101-34-1

  3. Majesty 72 - Finalist for the "Best Layout" Trophy in the Motor Yachts (19.5-24m) Category.

nomad 101 (1)

Majesty 72 #001 (29)

Main Salon (3)

Helm Station

Main Salon (2)

Helm Seating Lounge

VIP Guest Cabin (1)

Twin Guest Cabin (1)

Dining (1)

Galley (1)

 A Proud Moment for Gulf Craft

These prestigious yachts are crafted at Gulf Craft's Vertically Integrated Manufacturing facilities in the UAE, a testament to the brand's commitment to innovation and excellence.  

Mohammed Hussein Alshaali, Chairman of Gulf Craft, expressed his pride in these nominations: "These three latest launches are some of our most popular luxury yachts and superyachts thanks to their stunning aesthetic, lightweight performance, and innovative layout technology." He went on to highlight the dedication of Gulf Craft's talented teams, who have worked tirelessly to innovate the yacht manufacturing industry.

A Fusion of Design Excellence

Both Gulf Craft's in-house and Phathom's design teams have successfully harnessed the full potential of extraordinary layout and interior design solutions. The unanimous acclaim from the jury members and clients worldwide is a testament to their remarkable achievements. Together, we've created vessels that not only push the boundaries of aesthetics but also deliver lightweight performance and innovative layout technology.


Following the awards ceremony, attendees are treated to the legendary Yachts Parade featuring some of the world's most exquisite boats, gracefully gliding through the waters of Cannes Bay, beautifully illuminated under the spotlight of the iconic Croisette.