Gulf Craft Oct 10, 2016 3:23:00 PM 2 min read

Interview: Dubai Eye’s 'Made in the UAE' Series features top superyacht Builder, Gulf Craft

9th October, 2016–  Dubai Eye 103.8 FM‘s Richard Dean continues his Made in the UAE series – talking to Erwin Bamps, CEO of Gulf Craft, one of the world’s leading superyacht shipyards, based in the Emirates.

Dubai-Eye-103.8-FM-Richard-Dean-with-Erwin-Bamps-Gulf-Craft-CEO-1024x864.jpgDubai Eye's Richard Dean with Gulf Craft CEO, Erwin Bamps

Richard Dean drove all the way from Dubai to Gulf Craft’s biggest shipyard in Umm Al Quwain for a special feature about Gulf Craft for its Made in the UAE series with its CEO Erwin Bamps.

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