Gulf Craft May 19, 2015 10:25:42 AM 4 min read

Gulf Craft Redefines Yachting with the Stunning Majesty 155

DUBAI,  May 2015: Gulf Craft launched its largest superyacht, the Majesty 155, into the water, demonstrating its capacity to push the boundaries of innovation and redefine the on-water living experience.

With a rich history helping seafarers royally cruise the world’s waters from the comfort of their luxury superyachts, Gulf Craft’s latest innovation is testimony to its constant strive to cater to the ever-evolving requirements of yachting enthusiasts around the world.


Majesty 155 hits the water for the first time. Majesty 155 hits the water for the first time.


At 155 feet (47 meters), the Majesty 155 is the largest ever superyacht to be fully built by Gulf Craft in its Majesty Yachts shipyard located in the United Arab Emirates. The Majesty 155 represents innovation in both design and functionality.

“Today, customers are looking for a greater capacity to entertain, from more onboard living space, to larger galleys, and expansive lounging areas. They are looking for privacy and the ability to spend quality time with family, friends, or business colleagues, but at the same time desire to experience the splendor of on-water living,” said Erwin Bamps, CEO of Gulf Craft. “We continuously grow and evolve in harmony with our customers, and it is their ambitions that inspired the design of our largest superyacht.”


Majesty Superyachts- Majesty 135 and Majesty 155 Majesty Superyachts- Majesty 135 and Majesty 155


Style and elegance is injected into each and every aspect of the Majesty 155. The owner’s stateroom is furnished with the finest fabrics and leather, and surfaces constructed from high-grade marble, accentuating the room’s sophistication.

The prestige of the Majesty 155 stretches beyond the interior and exterior design, and into the engine room. The Majesty 155 promotes fuel efficiency and enables its guests to travel long distances without making fuel stops. Powered by twin 2,011 hp MTU 12V 4,000 M63 engines, the Majesty 155 is able to cover a range of over 4,000 nm and an estimated maximum speed of 16 knots, offering sea travelers endless possibilities for exploring the world’s waters and exotic waterfront destinations.

A powerful addition to Gulf Craft’s Majesty Yachts brand of luxury superyachts, the Majesty 155 will enamor its owners with its immaculate performance and timeless luxury.