Gulf Craft Feb 12, 2024 12:58:20 PM 12 min read

Gulf Craft Maldives Shines at Maldives Marine Expo 2024

Maldives Marine Expo 2024 - A pivotal event in the marine industry, this expo showcased the best in boating and maritime innovations. In this year’s edition, Gulf Craft’s Maldivian arm – Gulf Craft Maldives – stood out, introducing two game-changing models - the Grand Touring 46 VIP and SC32 CC, capturing the essence of opulence and performance on the open seas.

Empowering the Maritime Sector: A Collective Vision

The expo, organized with the initiative to empower the boating and marine sector of the region, was supported by the National Boating Association of Maldives. One of the key events during the expo was the Golden Wave networking session, providing a unique platform for industry leaders, enthusiasts, and government officials to connect and collaborate. The presence of Mr. Mohamed Ameen, the Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation, and Adam Azim, Male’ City Mayor underscored the government's support for the marine sector's growth and development. 







The Maldives is experiencing a shift in the preferences of affluent millennial vacationers who seek luxury cruising experiences. Recognizing this trend, Gulf Craft Maldives is investing in larger and more luxurious leisure craft, aligning with the evolving needs of private operators looking to enhance the holiday experience for visitors. Gulf Craft Maldives’ contribution to Maldives' transport infrastructure is significant, with the company accounting for over 80% of the country's boats. Beyond manufacturing, Gulf Craft Maldives operates a dedicated marine services centre, ensuring continuous support for their vessels.




Grand Unveiling: Grand Touring 46 VIP and SC 32CC

Gulf Craft Maldives chose the Maldives Marine Expo as the perfect stage for the world premiere of their latest creations - the Grand Touring 46 VIP and SC 32CC. These vessels are a testament to Gulf Craft Maldives' commitment to pushing boundaries in luxury yachting.

The Grand Touring 46 VIP exudes sophistication with its spacious interiors, lavish amenities, and top-tier craftsmanship. Crafted to address the evolving operational demands and challenges encountered by operators and resorts in the Maldives, the GT 46 VIP is ingeniously engineered with a multi-hull design, projected to reduce operational costs by an estimated 32%.

As the latest addition to the Grand Touring line, this vessel seamlessly extends the first-class experience from boarding to arrival at the resort destination. Its luxury, ambiance, aesthetics, and elegance rival that of top airlines’ first-class offerings, ensuring a seamless and elevated journey.






Meanwhile, the SC 32CC, thoughtfully crafted to meet the demands of Maldivian marine leisure market. The SC 32CC hull, designed by Europe's largest design office, is tailored to match the wave frequency of the Maldives, ensuring exceptional performance with minimal power requirements. Once again – efficiency reigns supreme.

The meticulous design of the deck layout and fishing features, combined with the technological carbon fiber finish, deliver robustness and aesthetics, establishing this model as the best in its range.




Success at the Expo: Setting Sail for the Future

A major achievement for Gulf Craft Maldives at the Maldives Marine Expo 2024 was the overwhelming interest generated in both the Grand Touring 46 VIP and the SC 32CC, specifically developed for the Maldivian market. The show witnessed the booking of 18 slots for the SC 32CC model, marking a resounding success for Gulf Craft and a testament to the alignment of their offerings with the needs of the Maldivian marine transport & leisure sector.


As Gulf Craft Maldives continues to invest in local operations, both in infrastructure and skill sets, the company is poised to meet the growing demand for larger and more luxurious leisure craft in the Maldives. These operational expansions not only enhance Gulf Craft Maldives' position as a major contributor to the Maldives' maritime landscape but also enable the export of its vessels to the greater Southeast Asian market. By catering to all requirements for both the Maldivian market and the greater region, Gulf Craft Maldives ensures that the allure of luxury cruising remains an integral part of the Maldivian experience.