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Nomad 75 virtual tour

The 23m Nomad 75, launched at the 2015 Dubai International Boat Show,  is one of the models in the Nomad Yachts brand of Gulf Craft.  Like its sister models, the Nomad 95 and Nomad 65, this yacht offers superb stability with a long-range cruising capability.

In the article, "Born to Wander" (Ocean Magazine, May-June 2015 issue), writer and contributor Mike Derrett wrote about the Nomad Yachts development over the years and described why the Nomad 75 stands out against its competing models.

"One of the key features of the Nomad 75 is the large fly-bridge area, which extends fully aft over the cockpit, and has a fiberglass sun canopy that along with optional side curtains, offers a great area to watch the world go by in any weather conditions. The fly-bridge is accessed from the stairway recessed into the superstructure on the starboard side deck next to the wheelhouse door.

For partying, the fly-bridge can accommodate up to 20 people and is equipped with a barbecue and drinks bar with fridges. Built into the fly-bridge deck is reinforcement for mounting a crane, should the owner opt to store a personal watercraft or dinghy.

The Nomad 75 offers generous accommodation space and comfort, ideal for those wishing to travel and live on board for an extended period. The Nomad 75 has a range of 1,360 nautical miles at 10 knots with the twin 1,200 horsepower MAN engine option." stated Mike Derrett.

Gulf Craft has recently added another Nomad 75 virtual tour on its website. The three virtual tours will give you an insight on the different examples of the interior designs. Which one do you prefer?

CLICK here to view the latest virtual tour.

Below are some of the screen shots of the new Nomad 75 virtual tour:

Nomad 75 virtual tour 1

Nomad 75 virtual tour 2

Nomad 75 virtual tour 3Nomad 75 virtual tour 5 Nomad 75 virtual tour 4