Jun 16, 2023 9:04:00 AM 3 min read

A Gulf Craft Cruise to Doha onboard the Nomad 70 & SilverCat 46 LUX

Join Gulf Craft on an exhilarating trip to Qatar, departing from the UAE and arriving in the vibrant city of Doha. Experience the ultimate adventure onboard two magnificent vessels, the luxurious Nomad 70 long-range yacht and the sleek SilverCat 46 LUX catamaran. 

With smooth sailing and excellent performance from both vessels, we pushed their limits without a hitch. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking turquoise sea landscapes of the Arabian Peninsula, where playful dolphins greeted us along the journey.

The weather was simply amazing, enhancing the overall experience. Witness Gulf Craft's triumphant return to Qatar as we showcased our latest products to our loyal client base. Don't miss out on this incredible escapade, filled with adventure, natural wonders, and the finest vessels in action.


Together with its Qatari dealer, Gulf Yachts, Gulf Craft’s visit to Qatar cements the brand’s commitment to the market and the wider GCC region. The yachts and boats carefully selected to be on display for Qatari clients were chosen to meet the local market demand for adventure and fishing vessels.