Gulf Craft Jun 7, 2016 1:47:00 PM 5 min read

Amazing 360 degree tour of the Majesty 90

Experience this extensive online view of the new Majesty 90 featuring a 360 degree tour of each specific areas per deck layouts- main deck, lower deck and fly-bridge. The Majesty 90 is part of the Yacht Collection series of the Majesty Yachts brand of Gulf Craft.

 Majesty 90

At 27.5 meters, the Majesty 90, which was launched at the  2016 Dubai International Boat Show, features a breathtaking 360 degree view from its interior. The unmatched inside space is mirrored on the outside giving the owner the chance to customize the fly-bridge to either fit a dinghy, jetski or an even larger seating area.

Below are some screen shots of the virtual tour panel of the Majesty 90:

360 degree tour Majesty 90 Screen shot of the Majesty 90 virtual tour of the main saloon area.


360 degree tour Majesty 90 You can select from the three layouts which one you want to view.


360 degree tour Majesty 90 Click on the red circle to view detail shots.


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