Gulf Craft May 9, 2015 9:10:01 AM 6 min read

Dubai Visitors Seek Luxury in UAE’s Glittering Waters

 DUBAI, 7 May 2015: Leisure cruising is becoming an increasingly popular option for tourists in Dubai, with prices comparing favorably with staying in five-star hotels, and visitors keen to enjoy the breathtaking views of the city’s waterfront, say industry experts.

While sailing and boating have been an integral part of traditional life in the UAE for many years, the increased focus on the active, on-water lifestyle and development of Dubai’s waterfront has led to interest increasing among tourists and other visitors, according to UAE-based yacht and boat manufacturer and one of the world’s leading international shipyards, Gulf Craft.

Majesty 105 cruising around the Atlantis Hotel Majesty 105 cruising around the Atlantis Hotel in Dubai

“Dubai visitors come here to experience luxury and so yachting naturally becomes part of that experience,” said Erwin Bamps, CEO of Gulf Craft. “Our objective at Gulf Craft is to make boating accessible to everyone, so we are delighted that tourists here in Dubai are getting a taste of the sea life.”

Dubai-based charter company Tirena Boats receives half its bookings through tourists and tourism agencies, says its General Manager, Mazen Faraj. Tourists can enjoy a range of experiences on the water, from fishing and watersports to deep-sea diving and long-range cruising.

Dubai is also proving popular as a cruising hub to other destinations, with Ras Al Khaimah and the Abu Dhabi islands being easily accessible – one in five bookings are for trips to other emirates, according to Faraj.

Majesty 88 being chartered in Dubai by Tirena Boats Majesty 88 being chartered in Dubai by Tirena Boats

“Different tourists are looking for different experiences, and through Gulf Craft’s wide range of yachts, boats, and sport cruisers, we are able to cater to their diverse requirements,” Faraj said. “The value added services and amenities that we provide on board our craft – be it fishing gear, fully equipped kitchens, equipment for water sports and activities, and, of course, the reassurance that we take the highest safety and security precautions, incentivizes tourists to explore the many possibilities of leisure boating in the UAE.”

With bookings starting from AED 800 per hour, the yachting experience compares favorably with other attractions in Dubai, adds Faraj. Most customers are looking for a taste of the yachting experience, with typical bookings lasting between two and five hours.

“After tourists call to enquire about booking prices, they soon discover that this can actually cost them less than a one night stay at a five-star hotel in Dubai,” adds Faraj. “This, coupled with the delight of cruising into the UAE’s luminous waters, draws tourists to this enriching experience.

With the on-water lifestyle popular among UAE residents and visitors from within the GCC, demand remains strong for boating even in tougher economic times. Regional visitors enjoy the “home away from home” experience and look for craft that offer luxury and privacy, he added.

“In this region, boating is not seen as just a luxury practice, it is an essential part of the local lifestyle,” Bamps said. “People here have boating in their blood; it is an experience they hold close to their hearts.”

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